Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This just happened...

I've decided that I will start a new blog
post called this just happened where I try and take pictures of things that happen through out my day as a stay at home mom to a house full of frat boys ;) so here are a few from this past week 

This just happened...
Ryde was playing out back and felt it was necessary to bring me in this little nugget! Oh yeah that's a turd! At least it was dry right?!?

This just happened...
I was trying to get ready on 1 of my 2 days that I actually put make up on and while I was getting ready, Ryde walks out with my economy size boxes of tampons from the Walmart and dumbs them on the ground and screams "Candy!!" Which triggers Luke's selective hearing (that boy says "what" on average of 9 times every time I ask him to clean up his toys) he starts running from downstairs screaming "wait there's candy, did someone say candy?!?!?" He was quite disappointed when I said they were Moms things and to go back downstairs and that I'm not hiding candy under the bathroom sink. I than thought to myself "stop picking these up and take a picture haha) so this is a picture of Ryde trying to hoard the remaining ones I hadn't picked up yet. He wasn't convinced they weren't candy ;) 

This just happened...
What is that you say? Oh it's just a can of easy cheese that someone's Nonnie sent home with him last night! So after I made a ton of mini wheat thin and easy cheese sandwiches, ok maybe not a ton but he wasn't letting me stop till the last wheat thin was gone! I was hoping the easy cheese obsession would subside, which it did for 27 mins. Than he brings it over to me and says "can you squirt some of this in my mouth mama?"  I'm thinking he
got the whipped cream out of the fridge (because we ALL know that would have been acceptable) so I notice that it is NOT whipped cream but the stupid easy cheese can! GROSS!! I of course say no way and that there are standards man! There are rules! He didn't want to hear it
and responses with "Ughhhh why do you
hate cheese!" Now if you know me you know that that is completely false so all I could do was bust up laughing because it was the most absurd thing I have heard since his reasoning for wanting to Kung Fu kick our tree out back which ended in him crying ( reason was, "it was talking trash mom" yup absurd) anyway I explain that I actually Love cheese, LOVE everything about it and if there was a diet where all you ate was cheese I would
Kick ass at it! But there are just some things you shouldn't do. Which he doesn't get yet but he will thank me
later when he's not grossing out his girlfriend in 20 years :)

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