Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This just happened...

I've decided that I will start a new blog
post called this just happened where I try and take pictures of things that happen through out my day as a stay at home mom to a house full of frat boys ;) so here are a few from this past week 

This just happened...
Ryde was playing out back and felt it was necessary to bring me in this little nugget! Oh yeah that's a turd! At least it was dry right?!?

This just happened...
I was trying to get ready on 1 of my 2 days that I actually put make up on and while I was getting ready, Ryde walks out with my economy size boxes of tampons from the Walmart and dumbs them on the ground and screams "Candy!!" Which triggers Luke's selective hearing (that boy says "what" on average of 9 times every time I ask him to clean up his toys) he starts running from downstairs screaming "wait there's candy, did someone say candy?!?!?" He was quite disappointed when I said they were Moms things and to go back downstairs and that I'm not hiding candy under the bathroom sink. I than thought to myself "stop picking these up and take a picture haha) so this is a picture of Ryde trying to hoard the remaining ones I hadn't picked up yet. He wasn't convinced they weren't candy ;) 

This just happened...
What is that you say? Oh it's just a can of easy cheese that someone's Nonnie sent home with him last night! So after I made a ton of mini wheat thin and easy cheese sandwiches, ok maybe not a ton but he wasn't letting me stop till the last wheat thin was gone! I was hoping the easy cheese obsession would subside, which it did for 27 mins. Than he brings it over to me and says "can you squirt some of this in my mouth mama?"  I'm thinking he
got the whipped cream out of the fridge (because we ALL know that would have been acceptable) so I notice that it is NOT whipped cream but the stupid easy cheese can! GROSS!! I of course say no way and that there are standards man! There are rules! He didn't want to hear it
and responses with "Ughhhh why do you
hate cheese!" Now if you know me you know that that is completely false so all I could do was bust up laughing because it was the most absurd thing I have heard since his reasoning for wanting to Kung Fu kick our tree out back which ended in him crying ( reason was, "it was talking trash mom" yup absurd) anyway I explain that I actually Love cheese, LOVE everything about it and if there was a diet where all you ate was cheese I would
Kick ass at it! But there are just some things you shouldn't do. Which he doesn't get yet but he will thank me
later when he's not grossing out his girlfriend in 20 years :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Road Trip from Hell (Probably part 34)

Whoa! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here but of course I have been super busy, yeah yeah, I know lame excuse. But I return with a story that would only happen to yours truly. So 2 weekends ago I had to go pick up some stuff from someone I did a full dessert bar for as I needed my cupcake stand for another party. So we make plans to meet at the Red Robin off of Lincoln and Arapahoe. Now after further investigation I realize these two streets don’t intersect but when she texted me I instantly had the Red robin off of E470 and Parker in my head, and you know sometimes when you just get something in your head even though it may be way off, this was one of those times! So we were to meet at 9:30 am and I was going to have to take the boys as Josh was already at work at this time. So I load the boys up with cups of milk and snacks and we are on our way. Now my Ryde pants is usually ready for his morning nap around 10 so I was hoping he wouldn’t get too salty while we were driving so I wouldn’t have to drive us off an embankment because he would just be screaming at me for the whole trip. Well he was pretty good on our way there as long as Luke was handing over the Kix’s. So we get there like 15 minutes early, (yeah wtf right?!?! Why can’t I be that early for important stuff or when I don’t have two minions in the car?!?!) anyways, there’s a McD’s in the same parking lot and I thought PERFECT, get some coffee in me before I team ram rod someone on my way home for driving like an idiot! So of course Luke wants something and Ryde’s hooting and hollering also so I get them both a hash brown hoping that it will quiet them down for a while as I wait for the lady. Well now its 9:40 and I’m thinking where the hell is she, right!?!?! and the boys have devoured their hash browns and now cereal seems lame so they are getting restless in the back seat. So I look over my text message again and this is when the light bulb goes off that this is NOT the Red Robin she was referring to AND that there is a new red robin off of Parker and Arapahoe supposedly (according to BILL, I still don’t believe it and wont till I eat a f’ing Royal burger from there) so I try and text her and am waiting for a response when I hear the dreaded statement form Luke, “I have to Pee mom” CRAP! So I say ok give me a sec. So I go to the passenger side of the car and open both doors and tell Luke to climb up to the front and come pee between the two doors. I choose the passenger side because it wasn’t facing busy Parker road. This side also happens to be Ryde’s side of the car and as Luke starts peeing Ryde throws the toy they had been fighting over right in the middle of Luke’s pee stream. MOTHER F’errrrrrrrrrrr. Luke of course continues to pee on it as we all know you “can’t stop once you’ve started, it stings” (Dumb and Dumber reference) and the first words out of my mouth are “Come on man” which Ryde just laughs at and Luke starts laughing saying “look mom I’m peeing on our toy” WHATEVER, pull up your pants and get in the f’ing car. At this point I could care less about my stuff and just wanted to get home as I knew this laughing was the calm before the Ryde shit storm that was about to commence on our ride home. Sure enough I had to blast some classic rock to drown out Ryde screaming at me to get him the eff out of his car seat in his 1 year old scream talk for the remainder of our mini road trip from hell! We finally made it home and angel Ryde made an appearance as I got him out of his seat, he leaned in and gave me a nice open mouth thank you kiss for rescuing him from his car seat haha so of course I was instantly un-annoyed (is that a word? It is today) and we all took a nap, hahahahhahah SIKE! I wish! Ryde did and Luke and I packed (Luke ran around like a banshee) for another mini road trip across town for the Chavez Family Picnic! I was a little too ambitious that weekend ;) Till next time friends, here are some pics of the “incident”

What is this toy you ask?!?!?! It's only half of a $2 toy that is missing the basket that goes on top and it shoots a ball in the air when you click the trigger and then you try and catch it. Which Luke just uses to shoot the ball at you, never attepmting to catch it ;) Get in the car bum!

Monday, June 11, 2012

My baby is 1!

A year ago today I experience Love at first sight for the second time. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to love someone as much as I loved my Lukey but the instant I laid eyes on my sweet, chunky Ryde I was instantly IN LOVE! He is the perfect 4th piece to our lil family.  He has taught me what unconditional love really is and although he is my high maintenance baby he can already do no wrong in my eyes. He is my strong silent one and is always observing the world around him and soaking it all in. He is adventurous, ALWAYS on the go, rarely stopping for some much wanted snuggle time on our part. He as a smile that melts my heart on the daily and it’s the thing I look forward to most when I get home.  I am so very lucky that I get to be his mom and I can wait to see the amazing lil man he’s going to be! I love you Golden Boy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boys Birthday Pics!

So we got the boys pictures done last week and by some grace of god we were able to find a couple that we liked even though it was a shit show during the session.  We have always gone to Target to get pics done since Luke was 3 months old and have always been pleased with the results even though we have had a different person each time. Its cheap which I like, the send me coupons for 50% off my purchase which will keep me coming back for more, especially in this day in age when everyone and their mom is a photographer, charging crazy amounts for pictures for every occasion under the sun! Now this is just my opinion and if you don’t like stop reading my blog hahahaha but what the Hell are you going to do with ALL those pictures! Ok mini rant over ;) So as you can imagine trying to get a 3 year old and a 1 year old to sit still and pose while smiling is enough to make me want to jump from a moving vehicle (not that I have ever done this haha) and then add doing it in front of a stranger that you don’t want to call CPS on you! So about 25 mins in I was ready to throw in the towel, and told the poor guy that we were done and as long as we get 1 good one that I can replace in the big picture frame in our living room it would be a successful session, you got to take what you can get people! So you can see why I was impressed that he was able to get some really good shots even though Luke is, well he’s 3, and he’s Luke and hates to smile on command and don’t get me started on Ryde who can’t sit still for more than 8 seconds and was literally ALL over the place. So those excruciating 25 mins were well worth the end result ;) Here are the ones we liked

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have to!!

Hahahahaha so I'm cracking up while Im folding laundry tonight!! So if you know me or have been at my house outside from a party you may have heard or even witness laundry couch! So once Big Luke moved in I had to give up laundry bed which was awesome because I could just close the guest bedroom and act like there weren't 8 loads of laundry in there waiting to be folded ;) so now I have those loads on the couch downstairs which unfortunately is located in the play room. So you can imagine that the clothes may be strewn about on a daily basis thanks to mini Luke! He throws them on the floor and jumps in them as if they were a foam pit. Josh understandably gets annoyed with ole laundry couch and every once in awhile just carries it all upstairs and puts it on our bed forcing me to fold them haha so today is one of those days! So I'm almost done and have about 10 different piles on the bed when Luke busts in and jumps up on the bed. He starts to get ready to jump on my brand new piles when I stop him with my arm and say "what do you think you're doing?!?!?" and he simply replies "I'm going to jump on those clothes" and I of course say "don't even think about it, I'm almost done!" and with out hesitation he says in a low desperate voice "I have to!" as if he didn't jump on them he may just spontaneously combust or something haha well in that case jump away haha man this kid is HA Larious!!!

Knows he's being naughty ;)

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Mini Soul Mate is 3!

The last 3 years have gone incredibly fast, like a blur. Before my Lukey arrived 3 years seemed like an eternity filled with late nights and later morning’s haha sleeping till noon and doing whatever my lil heart desired on my own time. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?!?!?!   I definitely thought so, and in those 25 years I was a free bird and enjoyed every minute of it and thought there was no end in sight, well until I turned 30, that’s when I was going to turn it all around and get serious about being an adult.  But as always God had a different plan for me and jump started my adult career with blessing me with my lil soul mate. Now as cliché at it is I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. Although being a parent is the most frustrating, draining, and thankless job I have ever had there’s not a day that goes by that at the end of the day I’m not incredibly happy to go to bed in a messy ass house, with lil feet kicking me in the side.  It’s been 3 years and I still cry weekly because I am overwhelmed with the love I feel for him and can’t explain with words what an affect he has had on my soul, and the amazing way he makes me feel complete. He’s just such an absolute joy and I would recommend having one of your own if you haven’t already ;) because that unconditional love is like nothing else in the world and its unique to me and my Luke, after all he knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.  So Happy Birthday to the most amazing, smart, handsome, hilarious, kind, salty, and wild (borderline insane) 3 year old a mother could ask for! I truly am lucky you are mine bubbs! Love your bad ass Mom J

Monday, April 23, 2012

Payton Jayne!!!

So my best friend Emilee had her baby on Saturday!!! She was nice enough to let me be in the room and experience child birth from a different perspective even though she's a pretty private person and child birth is a pretty intense and intimate thing but come on we know each others biggest secrets and shared a bed in a living room for a couple weeks for Christ sake haha so as soon as she texted that today was the day I was overcome with pride and excitement, pride you say, haha hell yeah! I was giving myself a pat on the back for picking such a kick ass best friend who was now going to be a more kick ass mom and now we will be able to venture through motherhood together!!! Misery loves company right haha I kid I kid but aren't all things in life better and cooler when experienced with friends and family! Shit I think so, and now our kids will be able to have sleepovers and movie nights and vacations to freaking Disney World and shit and shit, this was a long 9 months for me people ;) so anyway by the time I got to the hospital (Luke was projectile vomiting from drinking too much milk but that is its own post) Em had had her epidural and was comfy, well as comfy as a pregnant women could be getting ready to pop out a miracle, no big deal people! So we all shot the shit and were hanging out impatiently awaiting PJ's arrival. Mitch, Joey and I went to get some Subway around 9pm and when we returned they had broke her water and it was almost time to push this Lil lady out!! Mitch and I got to stay in the room along with Em's mom Laurice and Em was such a rock star and only had to push a lil over an hour. Mitch and I were crying like babies the whole time and holding our breath each contractions as if we were the ones pushing haha but at 11:10 the most perfect lil girl graced us with her presence and I was so over come with joy for Emilee and Mike as I know the feeling of seeing your baby for the first time after 9 long months of sacrifice (mostly on the moms part but dads have their share of sacrifice too) and anticipation of will they be healthy, who will they look like etc... I of course was crying (doesn't take much these days as we all know) and it was such an amazing experience and I am forever grateful that Em let me be a part of one of the greatest days of her life! And I'll be able to tell Payton that I was there when she was born when she gets older and I think that's totally bad ass! I was able to take a few pics of her on her birthday so here they are... You're already a lucky lil lady PJ, you have some awesome parents and an amazing family and an "Auntie" Val who will spoil you forever!!!! I may even let you marry my Ryde pants some day haha Congrats Em and Mike!!!

Last time being pregnant (for the time being haha)

Shes here!!!

Getting Weighed

Everyone is smitten!

Ryde and Luke checking her out :)

Tired boys from visiting Payton!

The Joys of raising boys!

Yesterday we were getting ready to head over to my parents for dinner and Luke and I were putting his pants on in his room (yes the boys are usually pant less at our house and if your a parent and you say your kids are always fully dressed and put together that makes you a liar and you have a nanny haha)when josh yelled up for me to grab Ryde a clean shirt. I am in the closet for not even 2 mins and I hear spitting noises. I come out and Luke has taken the shell of the turtle night light off and was just spitting in it for no reason! I'm like "what are you doing!" And his response was "spitting" well duh haha so i ask "why!!!" and he proceeds to say "cuz I'm a dude" a dude really?!? I had no response for that except for "knock it off and lets go" so on this same trip we are walking by my parents neighbors yard that have some dandelions in the yard and Luke runs over and picks one, not the yellow ones, the ones with the seeds on it and goes "Mommy lets make wishes!" which was so precious! And I thought to myself these are the moments that keep me from "calling in sick" from mommy duty ;) of course it took him 10 mins to pick every single one and to walk one house length but he was digging it. I asked him what he wished for and he just starred at me which made me start laughing because he doesn't really get what wishing is yet but in his mind he made 20!

Naughty Luke

Precious Luke

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'd like some ice cream sir!

So I have said this numerous times but I sometimes have no idea where Luke gets some of the things he says! I mean, I damn well know where he gets damn it, um after everything I say! Dumbass, um everyone driving around me in the car (facts people!) Boo ya, after I beat him in any type of game we are playing (because we all know I'm dominating him) and sucka, well because I refer to anyone as a sucka if they are not doing something as cool as me (oh its bed time... sucka) haha. But Luke's new thing is calling everyone sir, don't get me wrong, I like it but it hasn't been one of the manners I have implemented in his everyday routine yet. So where it came from who knows! He's asking Josh in the mornings "can I have some cereal sir" he's asking his Nonnie "can I have some ice cream sir" he even said "goodnight sir" to Ryde last night as we tucked him in. I of course start busting up laughing and he's always like "what you laugh at mommy" and all I can ever say is "you're funny" which his comeback is always "No I'm Lukey" which you can imagine only fuels my laughter! I love his unintentional humor and it's the only thing keeping me from charging his free loading butt rent these days while we are ass deep in the terrible 2's!! Inappropriate?!?! Nah, we really are! And we are going to be drowning here pretty soon ;) Happy Hump Day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Shower, Easter Sunday and Ryde is 10 Months old all in 1 weekend!

Whew! I have had one busy weekend! (obvi started this last week haha)My friend Michele and I threw our very best friend Emilee a baby shower this weekend to help prepare for baby Payton who is scheduled to arrive on the 27th! I say now that the doc says she is full term lets meet this li lady already! We had an awesome time with our friends and family and I just love how much everyone already loves her so much and she’s not even here yet :) You can tell we have had A LOT of baby boys in this circle and we are all super excited for a girl now! Makes my heart warm, and I’m just so excited for Emilee as I know what an amazing feeling it is to be a mother and now I can share the ups and downs with her on a different level. And PJ picked an amazing, smart, loving, loyal women to have as her mommy! Here are a few pics that I got at the party which wasn’t a lot as I was getting things ready right up to the min people were arriving of course hahaha

So per usual I like to wait till the LAST minute to do everything hahaha so we had to dye ester eggs the day of Easter as there was just no time during the week! The boys have started swim class on tues and Thursdays, along with Luke taking a Taekwon-Do do class on Wednesdays, so there has been lil free time lately. So the boys woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had hidden their easter baskets so they had to follow the trail of mini eggs to find them! Which at this point is not very hard but as they get older I will make it more complicated. So Luke got a crap ton of candy ( because I’m f-ing insane, like this kid needs any more energy than he already as on a daily basis!) and a new transformers toothbrush and tooth paste, and I filled Ryde’s with mostly toys and some baby cheese puffs that he loves so much and he did such a good job of pulling everything out all by himself. I also bought these lil plastic toys that made noises, one bunny that says “happy Easter” and an elephant that makes elephant noises. Now considering this is my 3rd rodeo for Easter you would think I would be smarter than this, right?!?!?! But nope within 30 mins of Luke making them go off every 5 seconds I wanted to chuck them out of a moving vehicle and watch as they smash into a thousand pieces!! I have successfully hidden one and tonight I will conclude operation hide bunny. Oh and another thing about these stupid toys that I didn’t notice till Wendo said something is that they POOP out the candy that’s inside them, that’s right POOP! Can you believe that, gross! This is the last time I buy Easter candy from Wal Mart, like get a clue! OK mini rant over, continue… We went over to Nonnie’s to color Easter eggs and so I could make a dish for grandma’s house later without having to chase 2 kids around at the same time, since the boys were all golfing, Wendo could help a sista out ;) Nonnie helped Luke color his eggs while I cooked, he still doesn’t have the patience nor the placidness for it yet and wants to 1.) pull them out immediately, 2.) literally just throw them in the cup, splashing and cracking them every time. But what can you do, he had a good time though. The boys are so spoiled they of course got their own Easter baskets at Nonnie’s too and Nonnie hid some eggs so Luke could find them all himself, but Ryde was all about it and found 2, next year should be interesting to say the least hahaha We headed over to Grandma’s for some sweet food and the Easter egg hunt! Luke only cried once which I thought was pretty good as I had the odds at over/under 4 because he had no nap. Over all I was a great day with a sprinkle of “I want to jump out a window” as it was nonstop!
Dont Mind Rydes face here, we had Mush Melon, aka Wendo taking pics and this was the best out of the 3!

Time is flying and my Ryde Pants turned 10 months yesterday! I can’t believe I will be throwing his 1st birthday party in only 2 months!!! It is going to be weird not having a baby, baby in the house anymore but I’m excited for Luke to have someone to play with all the time as Ryde gets bigger. They already kind of “wrestle” on the ground which just consist of Ryde climbing all over Luke as he rolls around hahaha Ryde is climbing our stairs now which is scary because he is so fast! I’m going to have a house with 30 baby gates in it before I know it! He is still putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! Which got old fast and I can’t wait for this stage to be over with hahaha His bottom front teeth have finally made an appearance this weekend and he is not happy about it. They had to come at the same time. He’s over you feeding him and wants to do it all himself so I have had to really be creative with what to buy for him has he doesn’t want anything to do with cereal or puréed fruits. He stares at you while you’re eating like come on man…. Give me some of that! Which some people do as they forget he’s a 9 month old BABY, I get it, he’s as big has and 18 month old and he’s starving, but his stomach is of a 9 month old, and unless you want to come to my house and change his shitty ass diapers after eating something his tummy wasn’t ready for, just feed him his baby snacks. WOAH total food nazi rant right there hahaha but to be honest I’m am a pretty laid back mom and there are not a lot of things that I get worked up about but this is one topic that I do hahaha oh and bottles after 1 years old (ask Josh and My mom about the fiasco of secret bottle 2010 hahaha) Anyway, Ryde’s kidney apt went really well last week and his large left kidney will just be his “normal” from here on out, both kidneys were functioning properly so as long as it doesn’t get bigger he should be fine! The docs will keep an eye out on it with Ultra sounds every 6 months till they don’t think it’s necessary anymore. My cousin Meg made a funny joke saying that his body is just trying to prepare for having to deal with his Chavez bladder which will become a problem later in life as I can attest to that hahaha OK so now for some pics! Catch ya cats later